About Us


Springview Academy was created after a lifelong love of education.  Lety Carvajal is a former Miami-Dade County Charter School teacher with over 17 years of experience in the field of early childhood.  She also has a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, but one of her greatest accomplishments has also been as a parent to a special needs child.

Her combined professional and personal experience has helped her to craft a learning environment that uses a combination of traditional and avant-garde strategies within the classroom.  Her patience and nurturing nature crafts a center that provides students with a holistic and loving childhood experience that concentrates on citizenship building, independence strengthening, technology and preparation for elementary school and beyond.



Our teachers are dedicated to the Springview Academy philosophy. They are highly trained, state certified, nurturing, bilingual individuals with a passion for working in early childcare and education.

Our teachers get to know each child and their families individually and work collaboratively on their development.

They maintain a safe, clean and loving environment and participate in ongoing and professional childcare development training. All teachers and staff are First-Aid certified in infant, child and adult CPR.